What is NOS? NOS Is New Old Stock, many of the items we sell is surplus inventory purchase from, dealers. The Items are new and have never been installed or used, but they may have been sitting on a shelf for a while. It’s new, but it may be dusty and the packing might not be in the best shape. It should perform like a new part should. Some items dont age well, like hose and some gaskets, we check these items’s before we list them. If we don’t think they will work we toss them. They might also be without box or packing.

Why buy U-PEP's used parts? We inspect the used parts while we are taking the unit appart and again after they come out of the parts washer. They will work, if not we will exchange for another. You expect to buy parts that work and U-PEP expect to sell good parts.

Also, If you bought a chain saw years ago and want to keep it running, you might have trouble finding parts. If a piece of equipment is seven to ten years old, or older, many manufactures no longer supply parts. Also is the servicing dealer who sold you the saw still in business? Many are not. Look to U-PEP to supply you with the needed part.

It save's you money. The price that manufactures charge the local dealer for service parts, in general, is much higher that the parts cost. Parts are a "cash cow" for the manufacturer. They gamble that you'll pay their high price vs replacing the piece of equipment. The local dealer makes about 20 to 30% gross on parts, out of that profit they pay for shipping and if you use a credit card they pay the credit card company 3% to 6%.  The local dealer is not getting rich on replacement parts.

Why no back order of parts?  Many of our parts are used or come from dealer buyouts, once we sell out of a item it could be a long wait for new stock to come in.

Shipping Time  Most orders ship next business day