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NGK spark plug CMR7H Husqvarna Rex Max 521233401 NEW


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NGK spark plug CMR7H Husqvarna Rex Max 521233401 NEW 10mm thread, 1/2" reach, 5/8" hex, gasket seat, resistor plug, Heat Range 7, Terminal Type Solid, Projection Non-Projected. REPLACES HUSQVARNA 521 23 34-01, NGK CMR7H, NGK 3066, RED MAX 3699-91867, RED MAX T1108-73110, SHINDAIWA 3699-91867 BYNORM 375-CMR7H, J. THOMAS CMR7H, NHC 268-5739, OREGON 77-258, ROTARY 10188, Champion RZ7C, Autolite 4194, Jenn Feng 9295-310502, The #1 Spark plug for Performance. Standard Features: Corrugated Ribs help prevent "Flashover" of spark which can lead to harmful misfires and rob you of performance. Highly pure Alumina Silicate insulator ensures dielectric strength and incredible physical strength. Sophiscated ceramic properties ensure correct heat transfer for reduced fouling and accurate engine operating temperatures. Triple Gasket sealing process virually eliminated the possibhility of combustion gas leakage back through the shell. (You've probably seen other spark plugs that are black and sooty where the ceramic meets the metal shell, right?) - Some manufacturers use only one or two seals. Solid Copper Core - Other manufacturers claim to use a solid copper core, but NGK uses a large amount of copper to ensure greater spark and heat transfer. Longer insulator nose - This superior design, sometimes called a "Power Tip" helps prevent loading up or fouling, even after prolonged periods of idling, or at slow speeds. Double Dipped Zinc Chromate shell - NGK double dips all of their shells in a tough, corrosion resistant zinc chromate coating, ensuring maximum rust resistance. (Note: Anti-Sieze should NOT be used on NGK Spark plugs in outdoor power equipment applications.)

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