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Tillotson Carburetor Kit RK14HU Jonsered 361 Olympyk 240 XXV super Mac 38 New


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Tillotson RK14HU carburetor  Kit w/ welch plug screen needle and lever , New, Fits TILLOTSON HU model carburetors  used on Jonsered 361 Poulan XXV Super Mac 38 Olympic olympyk 240 stihl 020 028wb 030 030av 031av 032av Dolmar 110 115


for Tillotson carbs  HU-1C,HU-2B, HU-3A, HU-3C, HU-3G, HU-4A, HU-4B, HU-6A, HU-7A, H7-8A, HU-8B, HU-8C, HU-9A, HU-9C, HU-10A, HU-10B, HU-11A, HU-11B, HU-11D, HU-12A, HU-12B, HU-12C, HU-13A, HU-14A, HU-14C, HU-15A, HU-15D, HU-15E, HU-15F, HU-16A, HU-16B, HU-17A, HU-18A, HU-18C, HU-19D, HU-20A, HU-20C, HU-21A, HU-22A, HU-24A, HU-24B, HU-24C, HU-25A, HU-25C, HU-26A, HU-26B, HU-28A, HU-29A, HU-30A, HU-32A, HU-32B, HU-33C, HU-34A, HU-34B, HU-35C, HU-36B, HU-37A, HU-37B, HU-38A, HU-39B, HU-40A, HU-40B, HU-40C, HU-42A, HU-42B, HU-43A, HU-44A, HU-45A, HU-46A, HU-47A, HU-48A, HU-50A, HU-51A, HU-51C, HU-52A, HU-52B, HU-53A, HU-53B, HU-54A, HU-54B, HU-54D, HU-54E, HU-55A, HU-56A, HU-57B, HU-59A, HU-60A, HU-61A, HU-62A, HU-62B, HU-63A, HU-63C, HU-64A, HU-64C, HU-64D, HU-65B, HU-65C, HU-66A, HU-67A, HU-68A, HU-69A, HU-70A, HU-71A, HU-71B, HU-72A, HU-72B, HU-101A, HU-101B, HU-102A, HU-102B, HU-104A, HU-104B & HU-105A

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